Last year in 2015 I spend many many hours investigating the concept of “A Saviour”, while preparing for my performance “a saviour is present”. The Jesus story and the impact it has in our world fascinates me and it still does.
Now there’s a new man, in my opinion, our contemporary saviour, who will go down in history for doing what he is doing to fight a rigid, corrupt, gun-power controlling system and to help his people find balance and meaning in life again.
You are deeply inspiring Mr. Sanders and I support you all the way and I pray for your impeccable will, wisdom  dedication to change what is needed to be changed!
Thank you!Bernie-saviour


Yesterday I had the lovely company of Luz Carmona, who helped me during the event of eye-gazing and praying in front of MACBA in Barcelona. It was a beautiful experience to sit there in the sun and the shadow, surrounded by young sweaty, tattooed, joint-puffing, beer-sipping, skating men and women trying their best to improve their skills. I admire their hardworking constant practice, just trying to get better and better even when they fall and hit their elbows and knees. Inspiring to witness their effort.q

.Mirame ...

It was interesting to observe how shy and somewhat scared the Catalan people were. I mean, we put up a sign inviting people to come and sit with me, but not so many did although a lot of people were curious to know what it was all about. They said thank you but “no”, with a sense of being a bit uncomfortable, closed up and contracted. I’m a bit surprised in comparison to my experience in Moscow with a whole other approach from the people. I had expected the Russians to be a lot more controlled than the Catalans… Hmmm.. Well, it’s not at all meant to be compared in that sense, it’s not to judge people or the environment or anything really, it’s more my observation I wanna share to get a sense of what the locals are like. Obviously it also creates an impact with my attitude, the clothes I*m wearing, the setting, the surroundings etc etc. So I’m just getting a lot more curious to see what happens next time I show up, let’s say, in a suit with a tie and black shoes. We’ll see. Stay tuned because there is more to come…

Luz helping

Thank you Luz for shining your light and assisting med throughout the day.
And thank you Signe for filming and supporting me too. I really appreciate it !! And thank you to all of you who showed up and shared your eyes and energy with me for a while. It’s so valuable. Thank you.

DAY 62 ESTAMOS PRESENTES – en frente del MACBA a las 15 – 19

Hoy se le invita a sentarse conmigo por un momento y mirar en mis ojos – y voy a mirar en tus ojos, mientras hago una oración silenciosa para usted.
En frente del MACBA.

Estamos presentes.


Today you are invited to sit with me for a moment and look in to my eyes – and I will look in to your eyes, while I make a silent prayer for you.
l front of the MACBA from 15 – 19.

We are present.




Nyhavn, Cph.

I experiment with the concept of eye-gazing in public spaces. Friday the 22nd of May I was at Nyhavn (New Harbour) for 4 hours in the late afternoon sunshine. Just me, sitting by my alter and praying for the person who dares to sit down and share a moment of eye contact with me. Today I had a bunch of smiling tourists, a grown up handsome man called Aladin, my friends Bastian and Rikke, a girl called Mette, who turned out to be adopted, from Colombia, like me – and then a big young guy, William, sharing the space with me and I felt so honored by his presence. He came up to my, curious like a child, and asked what I was up to. I briefly told him and invited him to sit with me. So he did. And I prayed for him and passed on a bunch of good vibes. And afterwards he told me that he had been sending me good vibes in return. Uhmmm, what a treat it is. To be seen, to be gifted with good vibes and to be present.

Thank you William for that lovely sharing we had.

Leang, a lovely chinese young woman.



SILENT SIGHTSEEING + EYEGAZING i Nyhavn d. 22. maj 2015.

Et nyt samarbejde med Bastian Overgaard og Christian Gade Bjerrum.

Silent Sightseeing 17.00 – 1930. Oplev hvad der åbner sig i stilheden.

Eyegazing             16.00 – 20.00 Oplev hvad der åbner sig i mødet med ét par øjne, der udelukkende ser dig og kun dig.

Se hvad folk mener, når de efter en Silent Sightseeing taler om:

Forstærkede sanser
Pudsige og poetiske opdagelser
Fantastisk ro
En sjov oplevelse
En følelse af at kende og holde af de andre deltagere

Som tidligere er mødestedet hemmeligt. Tilsendes pr. mail ved tilmelding på Billetto:                                         https://billetto.dk/da/events/silent-sightseeing-maj8-b0b992

Pris: 100 kr. (150 kroner ved betaling på stedet)
Læs mere på facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/681870238585641/

Silent Sightseeing er startet af Bastian Overgaard i 2012 og er bl.a. omtalt i POLITIKEN, UD & SE, UGEBLADET SØNDAG, DR P1 SPROGLABORATORIET.